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Hecto Id Consultancy is a recruitment and placement agency that builds the relationships by fulfilling promises both to the clients and the candidates. Having a solid team to provide One Stop Service To Go Overseas, Hecto Id Consultancy engages with hundreds international and national companies in the hospitality industry. Malaysia, Thailand, and Middle East are the most popular destination countries for our candidates.

Established in 2018, Hecto Id Concultancy has participated in catering to the needs of the clients. A serious, reliable, and technology-based recruitment has been executed to satisfy clients and candidates as well. More than 100 hospitality enthusiasts have followed the process of our recruitment and succeeded to achieve their dreams as a part of the hospitality industry.

Hecto Id Consultancy takes part in permanent and fixed term, and temporary recruitment with various positions offered. The expertises that are working together with us assist our team to identify the skills and talents, personality and attitudes of our candidates that would benefits for both the clients and the candidates themselves.

The one-on-one direct interviews as a screening process and technology-based interviews with the users are settled to ensure that the candidates obtain the suitable placement in our clients’ company. Hundreds successful placements have been provided and we value them as a long-term relationships with both with the candidates and the clients we serve.

Integrity, respect, trust, and enthusiasm are the values that we believe to gain the success for all of our clients. We commit to fulfil the desires and needs of the clients and the hospitality enthusiasts to grow together and improving the ongoing process of relationships between them.


Our mission is to assist and guarantee our clients with the best quality services to seek the talented and ideal candidates that will support the business growth and ensure the business functionality. We recognize the importance of providing the right person for the right job and dedicate our energy and potency to improve the chances of our clients to attain the potential candidates. We attempt to assign the shortlisted candidates and establish the fastest solution of manpower requirement. Your inquiry is our responsibility.


The rapid requirements from our clients embrace our team to work in detail, fast and efficiently. We are keen on upgrading our services to be better. Complaining is a part of our improvements and it whips us to be more careful in delivering our services. We provide fast-respond hospitality customer services with non-stop working hour since we engage with the wide range clients around the world. We listen to our clients’ requirements and taking care of their needs attentively. We accommodate their inquiry and serve them the best feedback. We attempt to assign the shortlisted candidates and establish the fastest solution of manpower requirement. Your inquiry is our responsibility.


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